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I have a new line of patterned greeting cards in the Gather Goods shop. This collection features hand lettered sayings over some of my graphic pattern designs. The color palette of this greeting card collection is soft and muted and many of the phrases are inspired by friends.

Hello Greeting Card | By Designer Michelle Smith of Gather Goods

Patterns fascinate me. When I was in high school I would drive out into the countryside surrounding the town I grew up in and take pictures, mostly of patterns in nature and the shapes and forms of everyday objects. I started turning those photographs into densely layered collages. I would then layer those collages even further with my watercolor art and pen and ink illustrations until you could barely recognize the distinction between them. I would then create new patterns out of that art. A very specific but cathartic process.

Oh You, Patterned Greeting Card | By Designer Michelle Smith of Gather GoodsLater in my college years, when I discovered Gustav Klimt, William Morris and the designs of textile artists whose work focused on both commercial goods and fine art in an intensely intricate and decorative way, I knew I had found my people, at least in the art world and my pattern work and product design thinking started to take on more focus. I have hundreds of these surface pattern designs that I’ve created through the years but they have taken a back seat to the stores and events and platforms I’ve been creating for other maker entrepreneurs and artists these past few years. It’s thrilling to see a few of these patterns creep out of my studio and into the real world.

Amazing Greeting Card | By Designer Michelle Smith of Gather Goods

You can see my new greeting collection and purchase them through the Gather Goods online shop and retail store in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. Hopefully in the near future, you’ll also be able to find them at a gift shop near you.

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