Displaying Tiny Air Plants in Containers

Assorted Air Plants at Gather Goods Co

Air plants are my new favorite plant. I’ve been admiring and working with them now for the past couple years. Air plants are amazing because they don’t need soil to grow and get all the nutrients they need from the air itself. Some bloom and others do not but they are all cool looking. Here’s a collection of small tillandsia air plants for sale at my shop Gather Goods.

Spruce Up Your Desktop with Tiny Air Plants in Tiny Mauve Ceramic BowlsWhen they are displayed clustered together, you notice their natural spiky shape which is different than a lot of other plants with softer, more organic shaped leaves. I like to display tiny air plants in equally tiny ceramic bowls, here are two options I have for sale at Gather Goods with the air plants included, the first a tiny mauve bowl, the second a petite pink cup with a gray crackled pattern on it.

Spruce Up Your Desktop with Tiny Air Plants in Tiny Pink Ceramic Cups with Gray Crackled Pattern

Best of all, they are very easy to maintain – just a spritz of water once a week or so, and a gentle soaking every couple of weeks, a little sunlight and they are good to go.

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