Home Tour with Natural Elements, Modern Design and Bright White Rooms

My friend Elizabeth asked me to take photos of her house, her daughter, herself and her husband before they packed up and moved to another house. Elizabeth wanted me to capture the little things and memories reflected in this place before they moved on. The house they actually found (and are now moved into) is, funnily enough, right next door to this one but the new house has more room to grow into. Both are tiny houses located very close to Raleigh’s city center where a lot of our friends have taken up residence.

Plywood Chair Side Table, Dried Eucaplytus Bouquet, Wooden Headboard, Stack of Books

I thought I would share some of the small house details I captured. Liz’s husband Jacob is an architect and works for Frank Harmon, an inspiring architect here in Raleigh and Liz works for me at Gather helping to coordinate and organize classes and events. Both of them are really skilled at creating something amazing out of nothing. I jokingly call them “The Actuators” because legitimately if I have an idea they help make it happen – and really, really well. They are also aesthetes in the best sense of the word and their home reflects their taste and design sensibility. Jacob made this chair that is serving as a bedroom side table here.

Driftwood Wall Hanging

I love this wall hanging that Liz made with driftwood, fishing line and polymer clay.

Desk Vignette with Woven Wall Hanging

Liz and I are both really fascinated by other people’s work habits and processes and how they document and keep track of their day to day. I find the journals and note taking of other creatives especially interesting and the psychology of what keeps people organized with our different minds. I’m always impressed with how on top of her to-do’s Liz is. Perhaps these stacks of journals hold the key? Ha! That gorgeous blue and white tumbler is from Gather and made by a local company called Haand.

Hanging Branch Chandelier

This hanging chandelier in their home is gorgeous. It is just a found branch, hanging by a rope but looks like a high-end light fixture.

Glass Bottle Collection

A collection of glass bottles above the fridge.

Mother In Law's Tongue, Indoor Plant

This indoor plant is called Mother in Law’s tongue and it is amazing for those lacking a green thumb or those with busy lifestyles who can’t commit to watering frequently. Seriously, I have something like three and all my friends have them too. They are sculptural, really easy to maintain and boost your confidence in growing plants without killing them.

Branch Antlers with Strung Cotton Garland

At my previous shop space Kindred, Liz and Jacob had made a wall vignette of “antlers” made from branches mounted onto wood that we hung in the shop. Here is one strung with cotton, a very Southern touch for these Alaska and Texas natives.

Flowering Branch, Vintage Mailbox
A pretty flowering branch tucked into their mailbox.

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