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I’m about a year behind (if not more) in posting some of my food & prop styling work so these posts will come non-linearly, which about accurately reflects the state of my business these days anyway what with juggling a shop, food styling, my own photography work, product design and motherhood. It’s a full load! ;)

Food Styling by Michelle Smith

A few months ago I worked with photographer Lissa Gotwals and a local all natural soup company called Thince Foods based in Chapel Hill. The owner, a nutritionist wanted to create a healthy product that encouraged weight loss. Thince Foods soups come pre-packaged and frozen and you can buy them at stores like Whole Foods. My job was to translate the ingredients that were within and not make them look like just frozen soup. The other thing I had to do was differentiate between the soup kinds with different bowls and backgrounds.

What do you think? Do these look appetizing to you? To see more of my food & prop styling work click here. Want to work together? Shoot me an email.

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