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Green Tea & Ginger Matcha Latte

I love collecting recipes and combining flavors at home. It’s extra special getting to do this at Gather as well. Each month I try to work with my staff to come up with a “drink of the month”, this month it is a delicious Ginger Matcha Latte. So good. I also adore these green mugs that I stock in the shop. I might have to switch out my standard all white ones for a set of these too. Hellebore Perennial Plant

It’s finally starting to feel like Spring here in North Carolina, but it feels a little late. Here, we expect Spring weather early and for only a brief spell, then quickly followed by a long hot summer. I’ve learned to plant everything in the ground no later than June to give my plants enough time to grow roots before the sweltering heat sets in. The other day I found these gorgeous full-grown hellebore’s at Trader Joe’s for only $10. These are one of my favorite Spring-blooming perennials (they come back year after year). They need a good shady spot, so I might have to plant them at Gather instead of my own small patio garden at home, which receives quite a bit more sun. Flower Crown Class at Gather in Cary, NC

It’s really fun to partner with other local businesses and people who are doing inspiring things and offer those as classes to the community at Gather. Typically, I am behind-the-scenes organizing things or taking photos and not really able to attend the classes in the fashion that I could if I didn’t run the space. This past weekend though I took a floral crown class and my daughter joined me. While it turns out she was still a little too young to sit still for the class, it was fun learning new skills and anytime I get to work with flowers I am happy. Seed Bombs & Plant Sprouts at Gather in Cary, NC

For Arbor Day we gave away free plant sprouts left over from another class that was hosted at the shop. I love too these seed bombs that we carry. You just toss them and flowers grow. So easy. All Natural Cleaning Products at Gather in Cary, NC

I just received some lovely smelling and gorgeously packaged cleaning goods at Gather; they are making Spring-cleaning so much more pleasant. On that note, have you read The Magic Art of Tidying? It’s a little kooky book but as someone who’s had a fascination with “stuff” and why and how we keep it, this book’s method of sorting and eliminating by type of goods, methodically, is a really good one. I’ve read a lot of books on the subject and frankly have been working on this in my own home for a while now but this style of eliminating and organizing keeps you on task well and is really motivating.

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