The Creativity of Kids & Their Artwork

It is really fun to watch my daughter think and create and see how she expresses herself creatively. One day when I was working at Gather making some flower arrangements for an upcoming event she began taking the cuttings and assembling them into her own piece. She called it her “butterfly zoo”.

It was really striking how beautiful and interesting it was, and of course how counter-intuitive to what we as adults have been programmed to do.

Butterfly Garden, Kid Art - Photo by Michelle Smith

Here are some more of my favorite art pieces she’s made this past year:

Kid Art

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  1. says

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful images! As artists, we can learn so much from the inhibition and freedom that children express in their artwork and process. A few years ago I taught blockprinting to a group I fourth grade students and I keep some of their papers up in my studio as inspiration!

  2. michelle says

    It really is amazing to be just how they think. We are going to start doing art classes to kids and one of them will be screenprinting. Any tips or advice you have to teaching at that level?

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