Do what you love – The science of happiness and tips on how to improve your well being

I find the psychology of happiness interesting. I just finished reading Flourish by happiness scholar Martin Seligman. He has a developed a test that measures your character strengths called VIA Character Strengths.

Choose Happiness - the science of happiness and tips on how to improve your well being

And, according to Seligman and other happiness experts, being aware of these innate traits in ourselves and planning activities that relate to these strengths on a daily basis helps us to experience more well being. He suggests initially doing an activity related to each of your core strengths once a day for a week, and to note the difference in well being afterwards.

Do What You Love - Tips on how to improve your well being

You can take the quiz here, it will take you about 30 minutes to complete. Once you are finished your top five core happiness character traits will be listed in order of dominance.  Here are my results and some ideas I found online on how to best to play to my strengths:

  1. Creativity, ingenuity and originality
  2. Judgment, critical thinking & open mindedness
  3. Appreciation of beauty and excellence
  4. Bravery and valor
  5. Curiosity and interest in the world

Ideas found online for my character strengths:

  • Take a pottery, photography, stained glass, sculpture or painting class.
  • When you face the next challenge, first imagine the best and worst scenarios and then decide the most realistic course of action.
  • Hang a bird feeder and observe the birds
  • Consider one of your personal fears. Take one small, healthy action toward facing it right now.
  • Visit at least one new town, state or country yearly.

Picture of a field

Surprisingly, of the 24 strengths, my husband and I had only one overlapping. Would you take this quiz? I’d love to hear your results and ideas on how best to utilize each of our strengths.

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  1. michelle says

    Yes, and good things I have friends who have “love” and “gratitude” in theirs … seemingly essential ones. ;)

  2. says

    thanks for the links to this! another fun + insightful way to look at personality strengths and weaknesses is the enneagram. it has been around a long time–even stanford school of biz uses it. definitely useful tools to up the happy quotient!

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