The Rock & Shop Market

I hosted my most recent Rock & Shop Market this past Saturday. We had over 75 local juried makers selling their wares and over 1000 attendees. The event is really a testament to the amazing community that we live in and the talented designers that call this area home.

Amaris Hames took photos of the most recent market and some of the vendors selling their wares. These vintage feedsack & waxed canvas bags are made by Durham designer Jessica Reed of Hawks & Doves.


We had gourmet cotton candy from a local food producer, Oscar Williams Gourmet Cotton Candy, and peppermint bark from my husband Ben and his company, The Apothecary’s Kitchen.


The armory is such a great venue to host the space. The designers are able to sell their wares in one spot, there are places to escape the crowds if need be, and the food trucks can park right outside of the venue. It also happens to be right in the middle of downtown Durham.

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We have a wide variety of vendors too from food products, to menswear, jewelry, home goods, bath and body products and paper goods. There are a lot of buying choices at the event.


These powder coated accessories by S. Tector Metals are really cool. I love their clean lines and modern architectural feel.


Liz Esser of Haden Designs has a great display. You can’t tell from this photo but she spells out her business name in those little letterbox spaces. It is a very cool, eclectic effect.


Tshirts for sale showcasing Raleigh & Durham pride from Oak City Collective.


And the line waiting to get in the door which was consistent for the majority of the event. I’m looking forward to hosting the event again (my ten year anniversary of hosting it!) on Saturday April 5th at the same place.

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  1. Sheryl Soady says

    Dear Michelle,
    I AM from the Chapel Hill Durham area. I just happened to be tooling around Apart. Therapy, when I daw a picture of your place which led me to your blog. I have been living in Missoula,MT fir the last 4 months.
    Anyway, loved your blog, love the pictures of home, and it made me look forward to returning even more than I already was.
    I’ll have to explore The Dunham side of things when Ivey back
    Sheryl Soady

    • michelle says

      Ooh, Montana sounds like a fun adventure. Yes, there is so much to explore in the Triangle and Durham is especially fun. :)

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