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Now that the weather is finally starting to feel like fall I have all sorts of nesting projects on my mind. I’m dreaming up craft and cooking projects that will usher in the change of season and more of a hibernation mentality to my days. I really enjoy the catharsis of stepping away from the computer and actually working with my hands, something that I think we are losing as a culture amongst the easy accessibility of the computer. In the fall and winter, this usually means cooking more soups and doing hand work like cross stitch and knitting. So I was thrilled to receive a preview of the new book More Top Down Knitting by Kristina McGowan.

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This book is a follow-up to Kristina’s original book entitled Modern Top-Down Knitting. What I love about this second book are the gorgeous fashion forward and modern projects that are highlighted by equally beautiful photos. These are definitely not your Grandmother’s knitting patterns. This book elevates the craft in an accessible and inspiring way.

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These projects make me want to hit up my local yarn shop and become a more experienced knitter. Lucky for me, there is a gorgeous shop around the corner from my shop Gather in Cary called Warm n’ Fuzzy where I can hopefully get some one-on-one tutoring.

Knit Shirt from More Top Down Knitting Book via

Thank you to Abrams Books for the review copy. The book will be released on November 5th but is available for pre-order here.

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