Opening up A Shop: Before Renovation Pictures of Gather’s Interior, Downtown Cary, North Carolina

I always think it is fun to see progress shots. And while the space I am opening in downtown Cary has been changing a lot in the past few weeks since I’ve gotten the keys I still have quite a bit to do before my first tenants move in on June 15th. Here are before shots of the space that I took when the prior tenant was still there:

I really like the exterior of the space. It is one of the few true old storefronts in downtown Cary and has been here for about 80 years. I plan on putting out window boxes and signage and sprucing up the space right in front of the door.

The prior tenant is a real estate agent who also does home staging. Every wall was covered floor to ceiling this slatwall which I suppose worked well for her purpose but wasn’t the most aesthetically pleasing. She also built cubicles herself out of the slatwall which I will be covering with handsome wood paneling behind which will be 2-3 dedicated open office spaces.

This picture shows the other side of the wall and the backside of the cubicles – not in the best shape. You can also see a bit of one of the offices, there are 2 of those and then the 2-3 open spaces above.

This is the view as you walk in the door with the prior tenants furniture. I have since painted the walls white and removed all the slatwall. The ceilings are original pressed tin and are so handsome. For some reason, the prior tenant took out all the track lighting so I have to get that replaced, luckily it’s already wired for that.

Looking out to the front. There are two huge display windows where my daughter loves to sit and play UNO and watch the locals walk by.

This hallway leads to the back garden, the two offices and the workshop/conference room.

A glimpse into one of the office spaces before I moved in.

And finally the conference/workshop room. Half of the floor is covered in carpet the other in pergo which will have to be replaced. I did buy the table from the prior tenant but am using different Bentwood chairs that I scored at a thrift store for $10/piece. I’m also going to be painting the walls and replacing the pendant.

So, while these photos really don’t represent what Gather is about to become they give a good feel for what it was when I got the keys. It’s only been a month but I already love the space and have made so many changes which I can’t wait to show you in the coming months.


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