The Next Chapter – Opening a New Coworking / Classroom / Studio / Pop up Store in Downtown Cary North Carolina called Gather

I’m excited to say that I’m embarking on a new chapter. I’ve found a wonderful little storefront in downtown Cary, North Carolina that I will be leasing starting May 1st. The space will be called Gather and you can follow along on the facebook page here. Kindred really opened so many doors and possibilities and I just felt like I had a lot more to offer both to the artisan entrepreneur community that I am so passionate about, and myself. When I was tasked with starting Kindred I actually came up with a really long list of names. Gather was on my shortlist, but didn’t make the cut, however, it seems a custom fit to this new space.

This space will serve as my showroom which will be open one day a week. It will also house about four other maker studios in it as well, and a pop-up shop which I will host every three months or so. In addition, I will be starting up the the business series workshops again that I began at Kindred. Unlike Kindred though, this space is wholly mine to run.

Equally exciting is the patio garden out back that I plan on fixing up. I’d like to incorporate a community garden and a long table for dinners, workshops and gatherings. I’ll be using the month of May to revamp the space. If you’re handy with a paintbrush or a garden shovel, please get in touch. Helpful hands are always welcome.

Meanwhile, if you know of any creatives in the Triangle, North Carolina area who are interested in sharing space with me (floral designers, photographers, web designers, artisan/makers and the like, please pass along the following details. Leases can start as early as May 1st.


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    what a fun project, and a fun place to project. wish i lived closer so i could help and then see the final result. it’s lovely already.

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    Really beautiful project, starting with the name: GATHER. Many blessings on your new cycle in this space that promises to be so life-giving. A community garden? How sweet. I am in love with edible gardens that give back to the urban ecology and human/nonhuman community. Bravo! Secretly wish I lived closer ;)

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