Exploring: Garden Supply Company, Cary, North Carolina

Once a week I try to make it a habit to go out exploring with no agenda and my camera in hand. This is a solitary, meditative pursuit and really inspires me for the rest of the week when I am at home behind my computer. I remember what it was like to work full time for someone else with a less flexible schedule and without the ability to just get up and go wherever I wanted. I get that this is a luxury, and I soak it up, and really appreciate it.

When I was a teenager I used to drive out into the rural countryside near my home and do the same. In the spring and summer months a lot of these trips take me to local plant nurseries since I am most happy being surrounded by plants and greenery and garden goods.

I don’t even know that I have the greenest of thumbs, I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love to garden but it’s mostly just sticking things in the ground and watching them grow. The scale of plant nurseries and the amount of different plants that are co-mingling and thriving is awe-inspiring and brings me great comfort.

There are many really nice plant nurseries near where I live, all specializing in different things. This one, Garden Supply Co. in Cary is the closest thing I’ve found to Terrain in scope and beauty, though nothing really compares to Terrain at Styers in Pennsylvania (see pictures from my trip there here). Outside are acres of plants, trees, and the like. Inside, gifts are set-up in photo worthy vignettes alongside indoor plants. Though the aesthetic of these vignettes and gifts veers a little more towards the too country and fro-fro for my taste, it’s still a wonderful and rather awe-inspiring place.

Nice too, is that they are just down the road from La Farm Bakery so if, like me, you want to grab a hot chocolate and almond croissant before heading over, you can make a mini excursion out of it.

Photography by Michelle Smith

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  1. says

    Gorgeous photos. Also…

    “When I was a teenager I used to drive out into the rural countryside near my home and do the same.”

    I did the exact same thing as soon as I got my driver’s license! I’d grab my camera and drive around farms and such to take photos. Once a farmer invited me into his cow pasture and let me photograph the new calves. It was awesome. It’s so nice not to pay to develop film anymore.

    • michelle says

      That’s because we are two peas in a pod. I’m glad to have met you and that we are neighbors on top of that!

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