Spring 2013 Pattern & Design Trends / Mustard Yellow Botanicals

I’m noticing a lot of soft mustard yellow botanical patterns  with a pop of graphic black in stores and design for Spring 2013.

Surface Pattern, Design & Merchandising Trends - Spring 2013 - Graphic Retro Yellow Botanicals

The art in the Aammans Tribecca restaurant is so striking, I want it on my living room wall. The wheat pattern on this Brigitte blouse by Tory Burch is so good. Anthropologie put a bird on their Botanical Musings Pillow, and I like it.

Surface Pattern, Merchandising & Design Trends Spring 2013 - Retro yellow Botanicals

West Elm always does such a great job on their still life product photography. I want to frame this picture of their new paper hellebore flowers. This small black and yellow shields bowl from World Market features a very striking yellow and black African pattern that would also look pretty great on a skirt.

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