Here Today, Gone Tomorrow – My Reflections on Kindred, Pt. 2

So, what were the gory details you ask? Well, there’s too much, and it’s too complicated to get into fully.  Let’s just say the rug was simply pulled out from under me, and everyone else involved without being allowed or given the opportunity to restructure. A company came to me brandishing a leased space with an incubator concept that they needed help bringing to life, a role as “Creative Director” and the opportunity to see my shelved business ideas come to fruition in some capacity without me having to actually manage or finance them – score!

I’m not really the type to see a stray puppy on the side of the road and bring him home, but gosh, this project was one puppy with a big fat bow in the form of my dream business that I couldn’t resist. I should have seen the signs that this company was struggling to launch this project before they even brought me in. Now all that’s left of the space is the Kindred logo decal on the front of the window, an empty shell of a space, and a fair amount of debt. Unfortunately, it means I too am owed a lot of money and all the people I brought into the project are left in the same position. It’s pretty lame to put it lightly.

I was never in charge of the management or financials; it was never my lease, and never my company. I was just a “hired” person with a huge passion for the project. I probably gave up too many of the rights to my intellectual property in the beginning. I thought I could simply envision, market, brand, build and design the space, bring in the artisans and then hand over the reins to the owners of the space and have them handle those other business aspects like we agreed upon in the beginning. And actually, I thought that was what I wanted. I thought that was the best-case scenario. Note to self: if you have a crystal clear creative vision for something, no one else will probably have the same one, or the same passion as you do to create it as you would.

That said, when you do put yourself out there with such conviction, those that do get it, will come out of the woodwork and find you – and help you with no strings attached – which has by far been the greatest blessing of this endeavor. It’s funny that this whole thing started with me feeling less than understood by a few people and ends up instead with a host of amazing friendships and relationships that are based on really strong, common bonds. Don’t get me wrong, the other side of the equation is true too, when you put yourself out there, there will be equal amounts, if not more, people who don’t agree with you or the way you do things, but those that believe and understand you far and away outweigh those that don’t.

Lessons Learned:

  1. If people’s personality differences seems very strong in the beginning that won’t change. Those differences will become more obvious and could potentially lead to disagreements on major issues.
  2. History does tend to repeat itself – it’s not just a cliché.
  3. Some people may push you towards opportunities that they believe are good for you. At the end of the day, it is your life, if you are stressed and concerned that something isn’t right about the opportunity, you should listen to your gut.
  4. Never do something solely because you think you can “save” someone else from failing. If they are struggling to figure things out that is a good indicator that they will probably continue to struggle, and it will be a steep incline overcoming challenges already in place.
  5. Just because you get it in writing doesn’t always mean you still won’t have to wrangle with legal issues and different moral codes of conduct.
  6. When you pursue your passions without flinching you will find those who do believe in your vision and find you and help you reach your goals. Don’t compromise your vision.
  7. Put yourself out there – it is worth it.


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  1. Emily says

    thanks so much for sharing about your experience. i adored kindred and know many others felt the same way. it was truly filling a need that raleigh had not yet addressed. i have faith there’s something else in store…

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