Green & White Floral Arrangements / Table Display

Green & White Floral Arrangement - Trio of Tins & Vases

I love keeping fresh flowers in the house.  It’s easy to create a beautiful flower arrangement from whatever you have growing in your backyard or even from the seemingly lackluster selection from the grocery store. I snagged these above (plus many more that aren’t shown in these pictures) for about $6.

The key to keep in mind is to vary the shapes and sizes of the blooms/greenery. I prefer my arrangements to be very loose and unstructured. I also love limiting the palette to just a few colors, especially when the flowers themselves are so striking like these, it really draws your eye to the organic shapes of the flowers themselves.

Finally, you can take a few bunches of flowers and spread them out into multiple vessels. Things grouped in threes are somehow more pleasing to the eye and if you can vary the heights by choosing differed sized vases you can turn your arrangements into a really pretty centerpiece.

** Still Life Photography by Michelle Smith

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