Surtex Recap Pt. 3

Poppy Maxfield, Surtex Booth, 2012

Poppy Maxfield was another student participant in the Surtex show who is studying at the Leeds College of Art. I’ve always admired the UK’s love of surface design and their large pool of talented artisans working in that field. I like Poppy’s muted, watercolor like art.

Laura Dro Designs Surtex Booth 2012

Laura Dro is a surface artist based in Chicago whose colorful patterns can be found on products for sale in most large retailers including Staples, Michael’s, Hallmark and Amazon.

Sorry You're Happy Surtex Booth

Sorry You’re Happy is Kyle Reid & Jen Hsieh of Ontario. They both represent work by other artists as well as license their own illustrations. Here is a cute video they did to introduce themselves to Surtex buyers:



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