indieNC: The Cookery, Durham, NC

The Cookery is a rentable kitchen and food artisan incubator in downtown Durham, NC. The Cookery’s kitchen resides in the back part of what used to be the Durham Food Co-op building. I’ve been a fan of the idea for awhile and think Raleigh needs one too.

Some notable local food producers create their goods in The Cookery’s kitchen. Many food trucks, including Parlour (who was there chopping chocolate when we visited), Two Pounds Mustard, Porch Rockin’, Monuts Donuts and a bevy of others use the space as a home base for their ingredients and prep work.

Owners Nick and Rochelle have recently taken over the front part of the building. They are renovating the space and turning it into a food-centric event space that when complete will accommodate approximately 200 people. They plan on hosting pop-up restaurants, chef dinners and fundraisers there.

The outside of the building is covered in large murals, one fittingly depicting a farmers market, another a recently unearthed and restored Pepsi ad, and finally, the last, a quote by Civil Rights activist Pauli Murray, the first black woman ordained as an Episcopal priest, who also happened to be a lesbian.

Durham is many things to many people but this building and the business within it, to me,  really captures the essence of the city.

** images by me

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