CSA, Hilltop Farms, North Carolina

This week marks the start of our CSA pickup for the year. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and it basically means that you pay into a farm, supporting the farmer and in turn getting your share of that farm’s crops. It also means you are supporting that farm regardless of the weather and type of season they are having. Some years are bumper crops and some are well, less so.

We’ve been members of the organic farm Hilltop Farms in Willow Springs, North Carolina for I think five years, maybe more. Their growing season lasts from April through November 1st, and each week in those months you pickup your produce either at the farm or at one of several pickup location Since joining we’ve honed our skills at cooking what is in season and finding and creating recipes that incorporate the vegetables that we have.

As of now, they are still taking members but hurry spots are limited. You can find more information here.

** photos by me

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