Displaying Your Goals Visually

I’m a visual thinker; I associate driving directions with landmarks, I create an inspiration board full of images for every project I work on and the phrase “out of sight, out of mind” definitely applies to me.

In the same manner, I like to keep my goals close at hand so that I can constantly remind myself what I am striving for. For me, I’ve found that keeping photos on index cards, secured by a clip-on ring works and of course sticking to my daily goal tracker. I can pin this collection to my bulletin board or take them with me in my purse.

Above is another other cool ways to keep a visual reminder of the things you want to accomplish in a month, a summer, a lifetime. Inspired by illustrator Keri Smith (her’s was the first blog I ever followed many moons ago), for the past few years, on each birthday I make a list with bullets corresponding to the year I’ve just turned of things I’d like to do in that year whether it is eat a lobster roll, lay on a hammock or write a song. Do you do this?

** image credits: 1. unknown, 2. dottie angel, 3. unknown

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