Carborro Farmer’s Market & Fresh Gnocchi

I think we’re lucky to live in the Triangle North Carolina area, which is home to a thriving, local, food scene with most area restaurants using neighboring farm-sourced ingredients in their dishes. On top of that there are the growing number of food trucks and of course the abundance of area farmer’s markets. We live near the State Farmer’s Market in Raleigh so that often becomes our first weekend grocery stop. As lovely and large as it is, it is nice to visit some of the other markets in neighboring towns which have more of an organic, neighborhood flair.

So this weekend when we visited the Carrboro Farmer’s Market, our daughter’s eyes lit up at the rows of white tents as she declared it a “food festival!”. We’re glad we went and brought home fresh gnocchi, Calvander cheese (inspired by Asiago) from Chapel Hill Creamery and lots of tomatoes. From our day’s acquisitions we made a Bolognese sauce with squash, mint and other herbs, and tomatoes and added it to the gnocchi, which was so fresh and delicious that it was pillow soft when you bit into it. Definitely a vendor and market we will seek out again.

** image credits: Michelle Smith

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