Stabler-Leadbeater Museum, Alexandria, VA

In my husband’s family lineage is an apothecary in old town Alexandria, VA that his Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather owned that was later sold to the city and made into a museum. Recently we were in the area for a friend’s wedding and stopped into the museum. What a treasure to find and explore, and how much cooler to know that my husband’s family is part of its history.

The walls are still filled with hand-blown glass apothecary jars, wooden crates and cabinets that hold a huge array of herbs.

I was especially taken with all the old boxes, drawers and labels.

I’m now on the hunt to find boxes and bottles with the Stabler-Leadbeater imprint on them while I’m out on one of my antique scavenging trips.

** image credits: Michelle Smith

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