Build A Better Brand: Packaging

Everyone knows that first impressions count. Well they matter even more in your business if you are selling your products in shops, where you are not around to explain your product to the people buying them. Therefore, your package must say it all, not just in wording but in its aesthetics as well.

As a consumer, business owner and a designer who has participated in major trade shows in NYC and other locations, I’ve witnessed first hand the value of good design and just how far great packaging can go. Buyers consistently pick up and buy the items that are packaged thoughtfully and well.

Think of a company like Anthropologie – you walk into their store and are lulled into buyer’s bliss, your eyes glaze over with desire, and you want at least one of everything you see. There are many layered elements of marketing at work here and Anthropologie is genius at implementing them well (but that’s a story for another day). Every soap wrapper is exquisitely papered, every item gorgeously packaged – sometimes it doesn’t even matter what’s inside. You just want to buy the item, display it and keep it wrapped up because the packaging is so impressive.

And therein lies a key to better product branding: Put as much thought into the design of your packaging as into the product itself, and you will have taken a huge step towards building a better brand.

What examples have you seen of great packaging? What can you do today to improve your packaging?

Need advice on making your own packaging better? I can help. Need design work? I can do that too.

**Image Credits: 1. Rose & Root soap 2. foodcraft by the BBB Craft Sisters for Design*Sponge 3. Anthropologie 4. Prince Albert Olives & Oil via Dieline

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