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Tell us a little about yourself …

I am the founder/editor of decor8, columnist for Real Simple magazine online since March 2008,  e-course founder and instructor for Blogging Your Way, and an interior design consultant. I am also about to teach a workshop on blogging and decorating in Morocco this week and hope to do more teaching sessions offline in the future in addition to my online e-courses. I’m excited to say that I’m soon-to-be an author — my first book is called Decorate –  1,000 inspirational ideas for every room – that will be published by Jacqui Small in London in March 2011 and then published in the U.S. by Chronicle Books in May 2011, followed by the book being translated into German and sold in Germany, Australia and Switzerland later in 2011, something I’m very excited about since I relocated from Boston to northern Germany in August 2009 so to see my book here, in German, will be a definite highlight in my life!

What music are you listening to these days?

a lot of Sia, Goldfrapp, Yann Tierson, Ayo, Coralie Clement, Morrissey, Keane, Muse and I’m really keen on the recent solo work of Brandon Flowers lately…

Read any good books lately?

The last book I read was The Private Lives of Pippa Lee and I didn’t like it at all — but was surprised that when I watched the movie version last week that I enjoyed it very much!

Have a yummy recipe to share?

Well I like to make things quick because I don’t have a lot of time to spend preparing food these days… but my favorite thing to do is to pop some Brie in the microwave to soften and warm it up and bit… then separately in the microwave heat up Apricot preserves until they are hot and then place the Brie wedge on a pretty plate, top with the hot preserves and serve with crackers or fresh bread and of course, a glass of Riesling!

What is inspiring you lately?

The gifts that I am making for my students in Morocco. It feels good to be using my hands and to be involved in the production process, the act of creating is the best and most inspiring thing for me… Whether I am “creating” with words or making something with my hands, I feel the happiest when I am busy in multiple projects – online and off – because then I feel balanced. I’m also very inspired by my new home. We just moved last week into a massive old apartment bordering the forest here in the city where I live and it was built in 1900 and has the best architectural details, herringbone wood floors, tons of light, soaring ceilings, it’s heavenly and I’m loving the process of setting up home in a house with so much history.

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