2010 Resolutions

Victoria over at SFGirlByBay and other bloggers have asked to hear your 2010 resolutions, I too would love to hear them. Reading over other people’s goals is very motivating and inspiring. Jordan Ferney, the mom & indie business woman behind Oh Happy Day does a good job of turning the everyday into a more elegant affair and her resolutions match that perspective, her overarching theme is “living the good life”. I love that, it is so easy to forget that and get caught up in the day to day.

I tend to make goals all year long but like to outline my hopes for the next year as well. This year, if I have to narrow it down to one goal for myself, it is to allow myself to slow down and not feel guilty about it. To savor this time in my life as it is. To embrace my shifted roles as they have presented themselves: mother, wife, friend and a much pared down but no less capable entrepreneur.

What are your resolutions?

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