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I remember the first Harper’s Bazaar I bought when I was a teenager. I was instantly in love with the visual storytelling through photography, the fabrics, the clothes. Many of the imagery was shot by photographers Patrick Demarchelier and Richard Avedon and to say that their work through this medium left me breathless and inspired is an understatement. It still inspires me to no end. To me, Fall represents a time of poring over these fashion magazines, whose issues are at their thickest this time of year, and finding a glimmer of an idea through a pattern or photo that I will then turn into a textile.

In middle school I sewed a dress (with help from my Mom) that I wore to school. I remember carefully picking out the pattern, then the fabric and buttons to make it just so. From that day on I earned the nickname “Donna Karen” from a boy who sat next to me in art class. Now I design textiles and my dream would be to see them as clothing. In honor of that I’m combining my own fabric with fashion and some trends that are currently inspiring me.

1. Monique Lhuillier, Spring 2013 NY FashionWeek 2. Croccodile Lagoon Fabric by Michelle Smith 3. Geometric Wooden Ombre Necklace 4.Girl in headscarf 5. Pattern by Luli Sanchez  6. Dip-dyed Ipad Case from Anthropologie



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Fabric Covered Walls

Fabric Covered Walls

I spotted these Schumacher fabric covered walls in a past issue of Elle Decor. Did you know that you can do the same in your house? Simply spray the back of your favorite fabric with spray mount and attach. Of course, wallpaper is easier but sometimes fabric is more cost effective and you can get the same look of patterned walls for a lot less.

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Patterns Out and About

For the past month I’ve been working on a new collection of textile patterns. As a result, my usually pattern obsessed mind has gone off the deep end and I’ve been reflecting even more on every pattern I see and the process the artist used in making them.

Here are some textile designs that I’ve seen out and about and snapped on my phone’s camera.

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The Papered Parlour, Block Printing Wallpaper Classes

It’s no secret that I love textiles and patterns and spend much of my time creating them. In college I took a number of printmaking classes and really enjoyed the hands-on process of applying ink to paper. It is satisfying, especially in this age of computer generated everything, to actually roll up your sleeves and create with tools and materials you shape with your hands. There is a catharsis in the messy process and I think many of us have stripped that from our daily lives.

So I was thrilled when I discovered The Papered Parlour via House & Garden Magazine. This shop in the U.K. offers classes taught by professional designers in block printing and wallpaper design. At the end of your class you walk away with your creation and perhaps a newfound appreciation in the process.

** Image Credits: Louise Hall for House & Garden

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Annabel Grey

I was flipping through British Country Living at the bookstore the other day and came across a home tour that had hand-painted walls and textiles created by Annabel Grey.


I was intrigued. On doing more research, I  discovered her website chock full of lovely patterns and colors.

I always enjoy seeing other people’s work spaces and glimpses into their creative process.

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Ink & Spindle


How gorgeous and light-filled is this textile studio? I love the floors and high ceilings and could really see myself in a space like this. A girl can dream right? Ink & Spindle is three Melbourne-based ladies who have followed their passion for designing fabrics and started their own textiles company. Their fabrics are hand-printed and feature organic shapes and patterns. I especially like this ginkgo print below.


You can read more about the designers and their shop on their blog and shop for their products online.


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Spoonflower Interview, indieNC

I just posted a recent interview with the local digital fabric printing company, Spoonflower on the indieNC blog. Below is a quick look into one of my design experiments using their services.

Here is a before picture of the piece as I was sketching it out:

And here is a shot of the printed fabric:

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