Cut Flowers & Flower Arrangements at Gather Goods

Cut Flowers Wrapped in Kraft Waxed Tissue Paper and Tied with Olive Green Twine with a Business Card Tucked In | Gather Goods

What is lovelier than cut flower arrangements from the garden? For me, not much so I’m excited to say I am now getting cut flowers every Wednesday and bringing them to my shop Gather Goods in downtown Raleigh and making flower arrangements and selling them through the weekend, every week. They look so pretty wrapped in waxed kraft tissue paper with olive green twine and a business card tucked in. Lots of folks have been coming in and picking up bouquets and arrangements as gifts or just for themselves.

Simple Green Floral Arrangment | Gather GoodsSelfishly, I also just love arranging them and taking flower photography which I could do all day every day and never tire of. Many people ask how to turn cut flowers into a pretty arrangement at home and I think the key is to place the flowers individually into whatever vessel you are using and start layering them in piece by piece. I always like to have greenery in addition to just flowers in arrangements because they break up the look and texture and you also don’t have to use as many flowers. I also like to think in terms of small, medium and large heights and try to have flowers at each height in proportion to the vessel so they don’t feel just stuffed into a glass jar randomly.

White Floral Arrangement with Anemones | Gather GoodsThe exterior of Gather Goods new location is still a work in progress and a little scrappier than the prior location with its big windows and white brick so I am constantly thinking of ways to make it have good curb appeal and having buckets full of cut flowers at the entrance sure doesn’t hurt!

Cut Flowers in Front of a Shop | Gather Goods

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