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Like many of you, my phone is filled with screen shots featuring things that have caught my eye and inspire me via instagram. I post there frequently on both Gather’s instagram account (where I post daily) and my personal one (where I post occasionally). I thought instead of hoarding all of the things that catch my eye on other people’s accounts, I’d start sharing them here to get them off my phone and to potentially inspire you as well.

The bedroom of Bri Emery of Design Love Fest. Plain wall with sconces and pale pops of pink. Wicker hanging pendant.

I love this bedroom, posted by Bri Emery of Design Love Fest. The white sconces above the bed really pop here against the gray wall. I like that the light fixtures are the focal point versus the traditional piece of art over the bed. I like too that they are subtle and white and blend into the wall just enough. The pale pink linens look so feminine and pretty and I love a white down comforter. The rattan hanging basket pendant above the bed adds just enough warmth to the bedroom and a slightly bohemian vibe and highlights the wood tones in the side tables as well. I’d love to curl up here and relax with a good book, wouldn’t you?

Matcha Tea and Coconut Cups

At the previous incarnation of Gather, prior to the space that it is now in downtown Raleigh, we had a coffee bar and used to serve the most delicious matcha green tea latte with almond milk. Perhaps one day soon I will write up the recipe and post it here. Matcha, a concentrated green tea powder, has the tastiest hint of nuttiness and is packed with antioxidants. These Matcha Tea Coconut Cups by food blogger Molly Yeh look amazing. I discovered these from the instagram feed of a local spot I’ve written about before on here, The Honeysuckle Teahouse.

Vintage Floral Art by Natural Curiosities

This poster from Natural Curiosities posted by Raleigh based company, Rider Hall Interiors, recently caught my eye. This is my favorite color palette right now with coral, mauve and lavender against an inky charcoal background. I love the retro, vintage feel to the art too. I think this art would look nice in my bedroom where I recently painted a charcoal gray accent wall.

Shop Outpost Coffee Shop

This coffee shop in Florida called Outpost posted by The Glitter Guide on their instagram looks oh so bright. With shiplap walls, marble counter top, and all white everything, this of the moment spot (thank you JoAnna Gaines & Fixer Upper) looks like a lovely place to grab a drink.

Artist Pete Sack Featured at The Pink Building in Raleigh, NC

Here in Raleigh a handful of artists are occupying a space they have dubbed The Pink Building while the landlord figures out what to do with the space. Inside, they use the space as a studio and also curate art and bring in outside artists. I have yet to check out the space but this upcoming exhibit by artist Pete Sack looks amazing and may be just the push I need to explore this temporary spot.

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