Behind the Scenes: My Food & Prop Styling Work for Southern Season

This past Tuesday I had the pleasure of doing some more prop & food styling for my client Southern Season. I thought it would be fun to show some behind the scenes iphone pics from the last shoot. You can see some of the final images here.

Behind the Scenes of Prop Styling

For this shoot that I worked on last year, I sourced tables, linens, fabrics, bowls, florals, backdrops and a ton of other props sitting just out of frame in these pictures, in shopping carts.

For this particular shoot we were trying to convey a look that was American, modern, just a touch masculine and a little bit rustic. I made sure to pick pieces that I felt evoked that story without being too over the top: a wide wooden plank top table, rich blues, greens, and teals, marble, aluminum, green and white flowers, denim, burlap and ticking stripes.

Behind the Scenes of Prop Styling

I then arranged those pieces so they became a small cohesive environment that looked like a realistic table setting in the final picture. I actually made a half dozen or so on the fly environments like the ones above and below.

Behind the Scenes of Prop Styling
I take a lot of informal pictures like these with my iphone so that I can get a feel for what the layout, colors, etc. look like through the eye of a camera but they are not composed thoughtfully and are more like a quick sketch. I can’t wait to show you behind the scenes pics and final photos from the shoot I just worked on. Stay tuned for those in the coming weeks.

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