Beauty in Chaos

For the past couple of months I have been hard at work at Gather, my coffee/tea, gift shop & coworking space in downtown Cary everyday Monday through Saturday and it hasn’t left much time to work from home, catch up on backlogged emails and to-do’s or to just pause to reflect. I’m big on pausing, reflecting and observing. So this week, while getting back into a new routine and schedule with more me/work from home time, I’ve had little moments of pause where I’ve noticed more small things.

Pretty Pile on Top of A Wooden Dresser

One small and beautiful thing? This pile on top of a dresser in our bedroom which I sort of feel in love with despite it’s clutter. The light was perfect and I just noticed that the things piled haphazardly on top reflect my family of three’s personality pretty well: a book, drawings, family hand-me-down dresser and bugle (that my daughter loves to play), found objects, birds, nature, green glass, twinkle lights and an old school Game Boy with Tetris in it. Yup, that sounds about right. ;)


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