Gather’s Open!

Gather - Boutique/Coffee Shop/Coworking in Cary, NC

I have a ton of posts to put up and they will just have to be non-linear since most of them are pictures of things that have already happened. In the interim, a quick update: Gather is now open, and not only is it a coworking space with a beautiful garden patio but it has also evolved into a coffee shop with a small boutique shop as well.

Gather - Boutique/Coffee Shop/Coworking in Cary, NC
Here are some photos taken by Lissa Gotwals a few weeks prior to the Grand Opening which was Friday night.

Gather - Boutique/Coffee Shop/Coworking in Cary, NC

If you remember, this is what the space looked like prior to opening.

Gather - Boutique/Coffee Shop/Coworking in Cary, NC

The coffee shop/boutique portion of the space is open M-F 6:30am-2pm and Sat. & Sun 9am-1pm, after which the space becomes a private coworking space. You can find more pictures at the facebook page here. Gather is located at 111 W. Chatham Street in downtown Cary, NC. If you live in the area, hope to see you there sometime soon!

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  1. michelle says

    Thanks, Amanda. I will always look back fondly on bringing you and Diana in there with my crazy just hatched plan and asking your opinions! I am glad I posted the before pictures because I had forgotten too. Sometimes it’s hard to look back at how much progress has been made, those are a good reminder that I have worked my tail off! ;)

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