Glimpses of Shop Interiors & Spaces / Inspiring Instagrams

One of the amazing things about Instagram is the ability to catch glimpses of places in locales you haven’t yet or may never travel to. I’ve collected a handful of photos of spaces that others have shared that are inspiring me recently:

Here is a peek at Amy Merrick’s pop-up flower shop at the new Steven Alan Store in Tribecca. I adore the cluster of plants and the cool font on the window decal poking through. Via EmersonMerrick

Since I have commercial space design on the brain a lot of the images I am pulling are focused on interior spaces. This looks like a fun one to visit. I especially like the mirror above the bar and the string of exposed bulbs. Via GKStories.

A gorgeous shop vignette chock full of spice bottles, wooden cutting boards, dripping plants on top of a french blue dresser with handsome blue striped wallpaper behind. Captured by Sibella Court‘s instagram.

A glimpse of the Small Stump and Studio Choo shared studio space in San Francisco. Crates hung on walls as store display and filled with air plants and branches filled with succulents make for a handsome display. Via SmallStump.

And finally, this handsome sandwich shop adorned in wood, glass jars filled with canned food and frosted windows above and an industrial pendant, captured by Stitch and Hammer‘s instagram.

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