Floral Patterned Sofas

So in the days before I got the keys to Gather I was on one of my many morning thrifting trips when I saw this couch. I knew I wanted some big, bold florals in the space but was planning on creating some wallpaper and putting it behind the bar/cubicle areas. However, I thought this couch might accomplish the same goal. Also, the sofa is a Thomasville sofa from the 80’s in great condition, with a solid wooden frame. Most sofas these days are made in China with subpar pieces and toxic fillings so when I saw this one at a great price I snapped it up.

I think this sofa can look AMAZING with just the right pieces surrounding it. Problem is, it would have to be the focal piece of any room it was in, and since I’m on a budget with Gather, I didn’t want that to hinder the pieces I had to choose to go with it. When I got it into the space I realized it would be too tricky. I also thought if I was going to have a big bold pattern, it should be of my own design, since it is my studio space. So, I had it recovered. My friend Liz, had the foresight to save the fabric so it can be used for another project. Shorts, perhaps?

Below are some great examples of rooms with a big floral sofa as the focal point:

What do you think? Would you put a big floral sofa in your living room?

1. Coastal Living 2. Good Bones, Great Pieces 3. Lou Rota 4. Elle Decor

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