Carolina Beach, North Carolina

Every summer as a kid my family would stay at my Great Aunt’s beach house at Carolina Beach, North Carolina.

The place was nothing fancy with wood paneled bedrooms, whose knots I remember, resembled a million distorted eyes staring back at you.

The house was a street away from the beach and had a huge front porch covered in windows and a porch swing where I spent most of my time. Needless to say it doesn’t quite feel like summer without a trip to the beach.

Though, we haven’t stayed at that particular place in at least fifteen years we do try to make it to the beach once a year.

Carolina Beach is a bit farther out from the more popular Wrightsville Beach, so while it’s a bit of a drive if you want to head into Wilmington, it’s also a lot less crowded on the beach.

We took a short trip there with family about a month ago and generally lazed about while listening to the ocean.

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