Kindred Boutique Design – Before & After

Every once in a while I’ll be on Pinterest and I’ll see an image of Kindred that’s been posted and re-posted dozens upon dozens of times. Today was one of those mornings. A blogger that I follow had pinned an image of Kindred’s front door and that image had then been re-pinned scores of times from that. It is weird to see something I built so passionately live on in those photos. I wish it could have had a longer physical life span.

I realized too that I had never posted before & after pictures of all the work that went into it, and the as close to final product that we got to. Unfortunately, I never got in proper photos before everything was dismantled but do have photos that others took. Above the re-pinned image, our logo was created by Dapper Paper. Below is an image of the space when I was first brought in:

And below this is an after shot. I painted the walls a beautiful rich blue that made the vast space warmer and cozier. I worked with Carrington Electric to replace the fluorescent lights with track & pendant lighting. All the pendants were donated by West Elm. The upper shelves on the wall were created and installed by one of our artisans, Wylie Woodworks, and were going to hold plants and photos of the makers creating their products.

The lower shelving I had custom built and designed by Mas Sato, a local furniture designer. Those shelves were made specifically to suit a rotating roster of artisan needs & goods. The shelves are modular and have a built in clothing rack on each unit and are made from one sheet of finished ply wood. You can’t tell too well from this photo but one of our artisans, Christina Nicole, made the cool feather installation on the ceiling. The beautiful wooden tables in the following photos are from West Elm.

I hung a large chalkboard from the ceiling to post class dates & times for all who walked into the store. On the backside I created a vignette of shadow boxes with wallpaper remnants.

Here’s another “before” picture looking towards the back of the space. Prior to Kindred the space served as a local parking ticket office.

I had a partition wall installed, again by Wylie Woodworks, that was then covered in my custom wallpaper design that Spoonflower donated. Behind the wall we had a conference table and held classes.

I never got a great photo of the wallpaper in action but here is what the two wallpapers looked like. They looked really awesome in person:

The sofa, round table, bench & white mirror in the below photo are from West Elm. The rug I picked up from my local Habitat ReStore for about $30.

One of our artisans, Suzanne Kratzer, standing next to a shelf from West Elm.

This below photo doesn’t quite do our jewelry display justice. We created antler vignettes out of branches and hung them on a denim covered cork board. The North Carolina shaped table was custom made for us by Burketown.

** Image Credits: The good ones are by Wit & Whistle, the others were taken on my phone.




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  1. says

    what a beautiful space! I make Jewelry and I’m going to try to get in contact with you! You can see some of my work if you google Tarino Bambino Earrings
    Have a great day :)

    • michelle says

      Thanks, Tereza! Though, Kindred is no longer a store front, I’d love to work with you in some capacity.

  2. says

    Hi Michelle,

    wow, Kindred seems like it was incredible! Do you mind me asking why it closed? It seems a pity. I wish I could be in that space, it looks inspiring, warm and so creative.

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