Rock & Shop Market & The Makery

Speaking of The Rock & Shop Market, we’re working with our friends at The Makery to host a very special sale with them for one week only. Here are profiles of four of our designers that will be at our event next Saturday. You can shop their wares early online at The Makery or in person at The Rock & Shop next weekend.


Meet Tamara Bagnell of Modern Radar

“Moving this to this area helped to inspire and clear my mind, and it was here that the seed was sown for what would become Modern Radar in 2006.

The most rewarding part of what I do is knowing that the things I make become a part of someone’s everyday life, something to look at and enjoy that is also functional.”


Meet Samantha Kramer of Near Modern Disaster

“I create cards and art prints for every occasion – expressing every sentiment from ‘I miss your stupid face’ to ‘You’re so beautiful, I could eat your teeth.’ A little less flowery and a little cheekier than your general greeting card. Guaranteed to make you smile – as well as the recipient.”


Meet Paige Puckett of Paige Puckett Pottery & Prints

“A degree and two kids later, I’ve set up a home studio in the garage and am seeing where this passion will take me. My pottery reflects a draw towards understated beauty and sturdy compositions. I’m attracted to simple designs and shun the distraction of too many textures and colors.”


Meet Faryn Davis of Fernworks

I currently create a line of jewelry which encases tiny painted scenes and found ephemera such as leaves, twigs, grass, thorns, bird bones, wasp nests, feathers, and moss into resin. Each piece is individually hand painted with toothpicks and tiny brushes, embedded in layers of resin, then cut and polished into delicate, dreamlike 3-D landscapes populated by birds, bears, foxes and other creatures.


Meet Christie Calaycay of Calaycay Design

“I’ve lived in larger cities, but Western North Carolina’s temperate acres of biodiversity left me reeling – emotionally and artistically. I draw many of my designs from nature, while injecting them with a modern sensibility. My pieces are inspired by the graceful quality of organic form expressed through clean lines and simplified modern sculptural forms.”


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