A Peek into My New Studio / A Space of My Own

This is going to sound crazy but since my daughter was born (six years ago!) the space where I’ve worked out of has been in flux. It has long been on my to-do list but so many other things got in the way or took priority. I knew how I wanted my space to function and look but making it happen just seemed so daunting. For many years my “studio space” has been in our unfinished garage. I would work away amongst tools and boxes of things that needed to be put away with a space heater cranking in the winter and an air conditioner on wheels in the summer, but with both of those you need to start them up about a half-hour before you begin working for them to make a difference and even then it was still too hot in the summer and cold in the winter. I would work towards getting the space feeling and looking inspiring but it felt like I really wasn’t making any progress – for years. And frankly, the stops and starts were frustrating.

Because what I do is fairly portable I would work in spaces here and there, staging photo shoots in my living room, cutting fabric at the kitchen table, doing computer work at a desk my husband created in a closet, versus the garage studio space. After the Kindred collapse I knew I needed to have a proper space to work out of and I also needed a project to dig into. My husband suggested using the guest room as my studio versus the garage. I know that would seem like the obvious solution that I should have done years ago, but to us it wasn’t. I was having a hard time getting over the idea of keeping the space for a future use/guests, but it really didn’t get used very often at all. Neither of our parents use it when they visit and our friends would happily sleep on an air mattress if they had to.

Finally, giving myself permission to truly carve out the space my business needs, I’ve been working away at turning it from guest room to studio – and it feels so good! I’m a highly visual person and my physical environment really does make a difference to me. The irony is how quickly the room came together.

I have room to catalog my inspirations, my current projects, and even a photo wall with some favorite photos that I’ve taken in the past few years, which is motivating to see them all in one place. Best of all we can work away on the garage in our spare time (in case I need to switch back at a later date) and in the meantime I have a space of my own that is a joy to work out of daily – and bonus – the temperature is always just right!

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    • michelle says

      Thanks, Emily! I love the fern too! I’m going to share a tutorial on it next week. I got it for $10! A steal!

    • michelle says

      Well, Daniel, I mean Amanda … It wasn’t last night after A. hammered away on it but it is today. It gets tuned regularly as a result. ;)

  1. says

    It is my first time here. A lovely site! Your new space is gorgeous! Congratulations for creating your own physical creative space & for giving yourself permission “to truly carve out the space [your] business needs.” Bravo! :)

    • michelle says

      Thank you, Marjory. It feels so good to have a space on my own and the aesthetics don’t hurt either. :)

  2. Deanna Cox says

    Hi Michelle, your space looks great! Congratulations! It must be soooo inspiring to work in your new studio. Hope to get back down and visit again soon. Can people come to your studio and shop as well as on line?

    • michelle says

      Hey Dee! This is just in my guest room, so no, not open to the public. I would love to have another studio space in downtown Raleigh though. We’ll see what the future has in store … We’d love to see you all again.

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