Fashioning Pattern

I remember the first Harper’s Bazaar I bought when I was a teenager. I was instantly in love with the visual storytelling through photography, the fabrics, the clothes. Many of the imagery was shot by photographers Patrick Demarchelier and Richard Avedon and to say that their work through this medium left me breathless and inspired is an understatement. It still inspires me to no end. To me, Fall represents a time of poring over these fashion magazines, whose issues are at their thickest this time of year, and finding a glimmer of an idea through a pattern or photo that I will then turn into a textile.

In middle school I sewed a dress (with help from my Mom) that I wore to school. I remember carefully picking out the pattern, then the fabric and buttons to make it just so. From that day on I earned the nickname “Donna Karen” from a boy who sat next to me in art class. Now I design textiles and my dream would be to see them as clothing. In honor of that I’m combining my own fabric with fashion and some trends that are currently inspiring me.

1. Monique Lhuillier, Spring 2013 NY FashionWeek 2. Croccodile Lagoon Fabric by Michelle Smith 3. Geometric Wooden Ombre Necklace 4.Girl in headscarf 5. Pattern by Luli Sanchez  6. Dip-dyed Ipad Case from Anthropologie



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