indieNC: Slingshot Coffe Company

This week has really kicked my butt. Too many (exciting & consuming) projects on the horizon to think about, a lot of home tasks, and the beginning of summer break for my preschooler. I will return next week with the rest of my highlights from Surtex and NSS.

Slingshot Coffee Co. Cold Brewed Coffe, Raleigh, NC

Until then, I’ll leave you with this image from my friend’s new business launch here in Raleigh, Slingshot Coffee Company. The packaging was designed by other talented local friends, Dapper Paper. Congrats, Jenny. I’m super proud of you for getting this off the ground and following your dreams. Next time we meet up to dream & scheme it will be about the next chapter of our respective businesses versus the ones you were wishing so much for.

And if you are local, come to Market Restaurant in Raleigh from 6-8 for a tasting.

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