My “Studio”

When I’m working I tend to sit at the kitchen table, but I have a few spots around the house where I do different business related tasks. My official “studio” is in the garage and doesn’t look nearly as nice as some other areas which is an understatement to say the least – think piles of boxes, supplies and papers. It’s a slow going work in progress.

And since you don’t really want to see pictures of that space here are a few snippets of some of the more aesthetically pleasing creative zones around my home.

You can see more pictures of my space at the gorgeous blog Dearest Nature.


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  1. says

    haha I know what you mean…my studio is in the garage too and it’s very much a “crazy” work space filled with supplies, images of inspiration along with holiday decorations and other random trinkets and things!! Something about all the craziness out there makes me calm – though it would drive me crazy inside the house. Your photos above are gorgeous…I love the color tones in them – Happy Wednesday!

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