Garden Update: Teepee Trellis

I’ve been surrounded by gardeners my whole life and growing up my Mom always had a number of fruit trees, and a large fenced vegetable garden in the back. I have fond memories of sitting on my Great Grandmother’s porch swing, watching the hummingbirds land on the feeder, and smelling her Muscadine grapes that were on the arbors she had made out back. Though my own townhouse garden is teeny tiny, I can grow quite a bit in the small space, especially when I plant things vertically. It’s a fun challenge to garden in such a small area.

My friend Paige has a beautiful and sprawling garden in her much bigger back yard. For the past few years she has immersed herself in cultivating her green thumb. She is a non-veggie loving girl who grows and abundance of vegetables just for the sheer pleasure of planting and tending to them. Last year she made a teepee trellis for her boys to crawl under and grow plants on. Since I have been thinking of expanding vertically in my own space, it inspired me to make my own out of some wood stakes we had laying around from another project.

Seed Packets

I created the trellis part by using bamboo stakes and zip ties. I plan on growing tomatillos and cucumber up mine. We’ll see how it goes …

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