DIY Tutorial: Gold Dipped Hanging Glass Air Plant Vessels

I’ve had a handful of glass ornaments sitting around after the holidays waiting for the perfect project. Inspired by these hanging glass air planters at West Elm I decided to make my own with a little twist: a gold dipped bottom. Air plants work especially well in these types of containers because they only need bright sun, no dirt to grow in, and minimal spritzing with water every 2 weeks or so. These are the perfect plant for those with an extremely black thumb because, here’s the secret, you can go even longer than 2 weeks without watering them, and I’ll admit I’ve gone a few months without spritzing mine and they’ve still survived beautifully.


  • 4 air plants, available at many plant nurseries or online
  • 3-4 glass ornaments, available at stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc.
  • twine
  • gold spray paint
  • blue painters tape

The cool thing about these glass ornaments is that the silver hanging top meant to hold an ornament hook comes off easily and creates a small hole to fill the ornament with. Simply stuff your air plant inside the ornament and replace the top. You know, like putting a ship inside a bottle. You could spray paint the silver top gold so that it matches the bottom of the glass, I didn’t.

Wrap blue painters tape around the bottom third of the ornament, take it outside and carefully spray the bottom. You could also wrap the parts you don’t want sprayed in newspaper and this would ensure gold flecks didn’t get on the top part of the ornament. It’s handy to have a drinking glass that you can set the ornament upside down on until it dries.

Figure out the length at which you’d like to see your vessel hung. If you are doing three it is best to stagger them a few inches apart in height. Cut twine to double that length and loop through the silver part of the ornament, then double knot at the top. Now hang and admire your cool plants.

These fillable glass ornaments also lend themselves well to terrariums as well, but of course they would need dirt and more water. Here is a tutorial on how to make a terrarium.

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  1. Ellie says

    This is so beautiful!! I’ve been looking for something like this then pinterest sent me an email with a link to this exactly! It was just meant to be. How do you water these plants though? I know when I was very young I was told to spray them with water every few days. Taking the tops off these ornaments can be a pain. The only thing I can think of would be to drop a few drips of water into the hole where the wire loop holds the ornament up and gently roll it around. Thanks in advance :)


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