Garden Update

Lots of weed pulling, mulching and garden preparation going on at my house. So far this year I’ve planted basil, peas, and green, yellow and red peppers. Despite the fact that it is still early, I’m taking my chances on there being no more frost. Basil will turn black and die if it gets too cold at night. I’ve transplanted my sweet potato vine to the back garden and my parsley and thyme to the front garden. My lemon verbena is coming back and a number of other plants. Can you tell I love this time of year?

Last year, I threw all caution to the wind and knowingly planted mint in the ground and this year I’m paying the price for it. Mint has runner roots which spread out underground and multiply and eventually take over everything. I’ve since changed my tune to the idea of having a yard full of mint and have been digging them out of my garden before they multiply further.

Have you begun planting? What are you growing?



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    Last weekend K planted: basil, two blueberries, a fig, a columbine, echinacea, and randomly tossed a bunch of zinnia seeds he saved from last year’s blooms. And terraced the front bed. He loves this time of year too.

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