Website & Blog Redesign

I’m taking a little break from the usual Monday recipe post to highlight my brand new website redesign that launched on Friday. I am so excited about it and it has been a long time coming. The site now showcases all of my work, including my styling, photography and illustration portfolios, my shop of course, and now the blog too is integrated into the site as well.


 And, on the blog, when you click on the “recipe” category in the drop down you can see a grid of photos with all the recipes I’ve posted for easy browsing.


This also means that if you are a blog subscriber you’ll need to update your feed here or add this link to your reader: if you want to continue to see my posts since I’ve switched the site over to a different location.

What do you think? I’d love feedback!

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  1. says

    The website looks amazing Michelle, and believe me, I know how much work a website redesign is, being in the middle of doing one at the moment. The site looks professional, modern and feminine :)

  2. michelle says

    Thanks, Oami! I appreciate that you value the amount of work that was put into it. Even delegating, it was still a many months long consuming project. Glad to be freed up now for other things. :)

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