Going Gray

I’m a stickler for color and can spend months obsessing over the perfect shade to suit a room and its contents. So when we purchased our new sofa a few months ago I was aware that the beautiful silvery-blue color of the fabric would look great  – apart from the too close match to the color of our walls. An easy enough change, however, deciding on just the right shade has been occupying my brain since then. Ultimately, I’ve decided to go with a light gray like these pictures below. Now to get around to painting …

** Image Credits: I’d like to properly credit these images but they came from Tumblr and I can’t find their original source. Can anyone help me out? *Update the 2nd image is from Sarah’s House

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  1. says

    Hello Michelle,

    We painted lots of our downstairs walls (it’s an open space) in grey and three years on we still love it. We find that it makes a lovely neutral for all the other colours in the room. We even used it in the kids’ room, which is North facing and it still looks lovely and calm.

    Do you know Farrow & Ball? They have a gorgeous choice of greys http://us.farrow-ball.com/ (I have no affiliation with them in the slightest!)

    Good luck with the choosing!

  2. katie says

    Hi, I found your blog through the image above that was pinned on pinterest. The bedroom image is from the Master Bedroom on Sarah’s House, Season 4. It hasn’t aired yet but the images are on her website (sarahrichardsondesign.com) as well as the source listing for the room. Hope that helps!

  3. says

    Do you know what paint color this is (in the bedroom)? It’s beautiful and looks exactly what I’ve been searching for (after many many paint samples!) for my bedroom!

    • michelle says

      Hey Betsy,
      I’m not sure what color this gray is but… after much searching I painted my downstairs Martha Stewart’s Sharkey Gray and I love it.


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