Gillian Welch, Dark Turn of Mind

One of the things I like to do in the privacy of my home, where no one but my family can hear me, is play my guitar and make up songs. Often these songs are in the same woe-is-me vein of Patsy Cline or traditional bluegrass because that’s what I was raised on.

Every day in elementary school my friend’s granddad would drive us to school accompanied by the bluegrass station on the radio, and my dad, a fan of Tony Rice, played the banjo too. This style of music, with it’s lush harmonies and finger picking style became part of my blood. Singing harmonies comes naturally to me, I think because my ear became so tuned in to them. I’d love to become a really good finger picking guitar player myself. I’ve been working towards that since I was a kid.

So it’s no surprise that I love Gillian Welch’s music. It helps that her voice is in the same timbre as my own, making her songs a natural fit to play and sing along to. Her music is an authentic homage to a traditional style of music, that fits perfectly within the genre while still feeling relevant and modern. This beautiful (and yes, terribly depressing) song on her new album has become an immediate favorite.

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