Dream Business: A Flower Shop

I always say to my husband that an ideal business scenario for me would be to come up with the idea of a shop: to envision it, go through the logistics of opening it, design and furnish it, market it and then sell it to someone who would love to manage the day to day of it.

Since I’m always dreaming up shops & ideas I thought I’d start chronicling them here. And if anyone out there wants to help me fund this or any of these future ventures, please do get in touch…

The weather in Raleigh is downright spring like with temperatures in the mid-sixties. The windows open and birds chirping have me daydreaming about opening a flower shop.

Image Credits: ** La Motte, 1. Linen Apron 2. Green Roof Birdhouse 3. Galvanized Floral Bucket 4. Twine 5. French Bistro Chairs 6. French Bistro Table 7. Flower Coaster Set 8. Copper Garden Labels 9. Catalogue of Ferns 10. Meyer Lemon Tree, Coriander Girl, 11. Terrarium 12. Green Glass Vases 13. Ceramic Wall Planter

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    I just discovered your blog and LOVE it! I’m thinking we may be cut from the same cloth. I often tell my husband the same thing! The branding and the whole concept stage of the business if my favorite! I have about 20 ideas ready to go. Maybe we can just sell our business concepts ;)


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