Reflecting on Alt Summit & Entrepreneurs

On the plane ride back from my trip to Alt Summit I couldn’t help but take note of the following passage from the book, Netherland, that I was reading:

“The business world is densely margined by dreamers, men, almost invariably, whose longing selves willingly submit to the enchantment of projections and pie charts and crisply totted numbers, who toy and toy for years, like novelists, with the same sheaf of documents, who slip out of the bed in the middle of the night to pitch to a pajama’d reflection in a windowpane.”

And though Alt Summit was populated by a sparkly sea of passionate, women design entrepreneurs, the above passage still applies.  The undercurrent of the conference was each attendee’s love of tinkering and striving, and oftentimes accomplishing our greatest business aspirations. That each of us, similar but different, are driven dreamers on the path to making our unique visions come to fruition.

Since Alt was such an inspiring trip I’ll be posting more about it as the week continues.

** Image Credits: Justin Hackworth & Michelle Smith

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