An Unexpected Visit to Colorado & the Denver Art Museum

My notes from attending The Alt Summit last week are too numerous to post just yet so instead I’ll fast forward to the after the conference. Exhilarated by the camaraderie and all the information I gleaned, I was excited to come home and dive back into the business projects that were awaiting me. But, after a snowy 2-hour delayed departure from Salt Lake City, I ended up missing my connecting flight in Denver, Colorado. The next flight to Raleigh wasn’t until a full 24 hours later. This was frustrating at first – the trip was expensive enough without having to spend an extra night in a hotel, in a foreign (to me) city and of course I was tired and missed my husband and daughter.

Eventually though I realized that this could be a fun adventure and that I had the opportunity to get a small taste of a city that I’d never explored before. Here are some pictures I took at the Denver Art Museum.

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