Corners of My Home

Sometimes amidst a lot of looming tasks and deadlines it’s difficult to take a step back and just appreciate your surroundings. I’ve been hard at work on all the things that go along with producing the Rock & Shop Market. Orders from my shop have picked up too, not to mention Christmas and a million birthdays at this time of year. But the other day, sitting at my dining room table, looking out into my living room, I just appreciated these little corners of my home and thought I’d share them with you.

Our house is ever evolving and things get moved around often when I find a new piece at a thrift store, buy a piece from a shoot I’ve styled, or as just happened, all our living room furniture gets destroyed by a cat with a wetting problem.

After living for three months without living room furniture, it feels amazing to have a place to sit again, not to mention a comfortable place. Our old chairs were relics from my parents first apartment that they themselves got as hand-me-downs from an old office.

We got a great deal on our dream sofa from the Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams Outlet in Hickory and it was delivered a few weeks ago. Our new chair should arrive any day now.  I can’t tell you how long the deliberation process took to find *just* the right sofa and chair. I scoured everywhere online and in person for the right pieces and made a dozen mock-ups on my computer. Not an exaggeration. That is a post for another day.

So between producing a big shoot for a magazine and ushering in an era of nice, new, adult furniture, I got inspired to rearrange things. But as my friends can attest, that is a constant with me.

For the picture above, I bought two sheets of a pretty, neutral, textured art paper for $7.50 each and then my husband cut a mat for them. A super simple project and one that looks more expensive than it is.

I moved a table we had in our hallway to a different spot and am finally able to have our stereo and record player in a conveniently listenable place. Before, the receiver had been on top of our fridge and the record player in our room. Records are one of the first things I started collecting at thrift stores and I’ve amassed quite a collection. I just love that scratchy, warm sound of a record. Plus it brings back fond memories of dancing in my room to Cindi Lauper, Wham and the Monkees on my portable Michael Jackson record player.

And speaking of records, we’ve been using this old milk crate as a side table. My parents used it to store their records when I was a little girl. It’s nice because when you turn the crate the other way you can use it as a place to store books inside like a shelf. In our house though, my daughter usually crams it full of teeny tiny figurines and sticks and scraps of paper.

Okay, I’ve taken enough of a break posting this, back to Rock & Shop tasks ….

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