The Storefront of My Dreams

As a girl I would walk the downtown streets of my town and would envision shop ideas for each space I walked by. I always saw myself opening up shop in one of them, utilizing the space as part design studio and part boutique. The shop part was sometimes a tea room, a garden specialty store, a pastry and magazine shop, a music venue, a bookstore, sometimes all of those in one. I still envision businesses within spaces every day. I see the potential in every passionately pursued business that I encounter and am overflowing with ideas to help them reach their full potential. But there is a fine line between doing what you think you want and then recognizing that the truly enjoyable path might be similar but not the same as what you’ve always imagined.

A few years ago I came very close to opening up a storefront boutique. I had the business plan, the space, the funding, the vision and the products, but deep down I knew that maintaining a shop wouldn’t be the dream come true I had always imagined. It’s not that I was afraid of the risk, although the prospect of being in potential debt if the shop failed was terrifying, it was simply that the dream of opening a shop was missing a few important pieces to truly be an ideal fit for me. I am a big believer that taking well contemplated risks often equals great reward. But this was a risk that didn’t match the flexible lifestyle that I’ve cultivated and want to continue to carve out for myself.

I realized that while I would love envisioning the shop, curating it and marketing it that would be about it. I had an epiphany and have since embraced that my path is different than what I expected but more gratifying. It was almost as though there was a door in my dreams that was just beyond my vision, around a corner, that connected me to the vision that I already had, but in a way that I never imagined. I’ve embraced the fact that I am living my ultimate dream right now and while I’ll continue to strive to make my business grow, I am content in the here and now and the steps I’ve taken to get here.

I know I’ve found my calling. I am certain that my gifts and passions are in helping others find and follow their dreams, of that I have no doubt. This is also what I get to do each and every day. I am blessed to consult businesses in launching their shops and their brands. I am happy to help them cultivate a brand and aesthetic that fits their ideal mission, by using my own talents behind the scenes and that is just where I want to be. How lucky am I? Very. How have your own dreams evolved over the years?

**Image Credits: 1. Chez Michele via flickr 2. via Bonnie Tsang 3. Purl Soho via yvestown 4.via frankly fuddled 5. Ben Pentreath Ltd via Remodelista

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